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The Exec action executes a specified binary and passes the arguments to it.

The workflow will wait until the program has exited before it continues.


  • file - a string pointing to the binary to execute.
  • args - (optional) a string array with arguments to pass to the executable.
  • std_in - (optional) a string (or function taking a context parameter) that returns the data to write to the process standard input.


  • exit_code - the exit code of the process that was launched.
  • std_err - the output which was written to stderr.
  • std_out - the output which was written to stdout.

Example usage

local Workflow = require "porla.Workflow"
local Exec = require "porla.actions.Exec"

return Workflow:new{
on = "TorrentAdded",
actions = {
file = "/usr/bin/curl",
args = {