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The TorrentReannounce action reannounces the torrent to the tracker. It is mostly used in combination with tools like autobrr to help with racing scenarios.


Using the reannounce action might be seen as hammering the tracker announce endpoint.


  • max_retries - an integer with the maximum number of announce attempts. An attempt is considered successful when the tracker replies with OK.
  • timeout - an integer with the number of seconds to wait between announce attempts. The first attempt will always run immediately and subsequent attempts will be delayed.

Example usage

local Workflow          = require "porla.Workflow"
local TorrentReannounce = require "porla.actions.TorrentReannounce"

return Workflow:new{
on = "TorrentAdded",
condition = function(ctx)
return ctx.torrent.category == "racing"
actions = {
max_retries = 50,
timeout = 5