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Checks the available space for a given path. Additionally, if the path is on a block device with quotas enabled, the quota information for the current user is queried as well.


"path": "/home/bob"


// Free space available to a non-privileged process (may be equal or less than free)
"available": 48241639424,

// Total size of the filesystem, in bytes
"capacity": 50906857472,

// Free space on the filesystem, in bytes
"free": 50860769280,

// If the block device does not have quotas enabled, this property will be null.
"quota": {

// Absolute limit on disk quota blocks alloc
"blocks_limit_hard": 55000,

// Preferred limit on disk quota blocks
"blocks_limit_soft": 50000,

// Time limit for excessive disk use
"blocks_time": 0,

// Current number of allocated inodes
"current_inodes": 9,

// Current occupied space (in bytes)
"current_space": 23015424,

// Maximum number of allocated inodes
"inodes_limit_hard": 0,

// Preferred inode limit
"inodes_limit_soft": 0,

// Time limit for excessive files
"inodes_time": 0