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Adds a torrent to Porla. Most of the parameters on the request object are optional, however - either ti or magnet_link, and save_path needs to be set before passing the object through to libtorrent.

How to do this depends on your setup, but the easiest way is to set either ti or magnet_link and a save_path explicitly. You can also specify a preset which in turn sets a save path. Or, you can set a save path on the default preset, which will also set a save path.


// the upload and download rate limits for this torrent, specified in
// bytes per second. -1 means unlimited.
"download_limit": 123,
"upload_limit": 763,

// http_seeds expects URLs to web servers implementing the original HTTP
// seed specification `BEP 17`.
"http_seeds": [

// set to a magnet uri
"magnet_uri": "magnet:?xt=urn:btih:...",

"max_connections": 3000,
"max_uploads": 9000,

// In case there's no other name in this torrent, this name will be used.
// The name out of the torrent_info object takes precedence if available.
"name": "some name",

// Set to a preset as configured in porla.toml to automatically set config
// values.
"preset": "my-preset-1",

// the path where the torrent is or will be stored. Setting this to an
// absolute path performs slightly better than a relative path.
"save_path": "/tmp",

// the torrent file to add
"ti": "<base64 encoded .torrent file>",

// If the torrent doesn't have a tracker, but relies on the DHT to find
// peers, the ``trackers`` can specify tracker URLs for the torrent.
"trackers": [

// url_seeds expects URLs to regular web servers, aka "get right" style,
// specified in `BEP 19`_.
"url_seeds": [


This method returns the info hash of the added torrent.

{ "info_hash": [ "abcdef0123456789abcd", null ] }