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Lists all the files in a torrent.


{ "info_hash": [ "abcdef0123456789abcd", null ] }


"files": [
// true if the file at the specified index has been renamed to have an
// absolute path, i.e. is not anchored in the save path of the torrent.
"absolute_path": false,

// Index of first piece node in the merkle tree.
"first_block_node": 262143,
"first_piece_node": 16383,

// A bitmask of flags from file_flags_t that apply to the file.
"flags": 0,

// The name of the file.
"name": "ubuntu-21.04-desktop-amd64.iso",

// Returns the number of pieces or blocks the file at `index` spans,
// under the assumption that the file is aligned to the start of a piece.
// This is only meaningful for v2 torrents, where files are guaranteed
// such alignment. These numbers are used to size and navigate the merkle
// hash tree for each file.
"num_blocks": 172043,
"num_pieces": 10753,

// The byte offset within the torrent file where this file starts. It can
// be used to map the file to a piece index (given the piece size)
"offset": 0,

// The path (inside the torrent file) with the filename appended.
"path": "ubuntu-21.04-desktop-amd64.iso",

// The size of the file.
"size": 2818738176