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Lists peers of a torrent.


{ "info_hash": [ "abcdef0123456789abcd", null ] }


"peers": [
// The number of busy requests in the download queue. A busy request is a
// request for a block we've also requested from a different peer.
"busy_requests": 0,

// A human readable string describing the software at the other end of
// the connection. In some cases this information is not available, then
// it will contain a string that may give away something about which
// software is running in the other end. In the case of a web seed, the
// server type and version will be a part of this string. This is UTF-8
// encoded.
"client": "Transmission 2.94",

// The kind of connection this peer uses.
"connection_type": 1,

// The current upload and download speed we have to and from this peer
// (including any protocol messages). Updated about once per second.
"down_speed": 41856,
"up_speed": 3093,

// This is the number of requests we have sent to this peer that we
// haven't got a response for yet.
"download_queue_length": 25,

// The time in seconds until all blocks in the request queue will be
// downloaded.
"download_queue_time": 0,

// Tells you in which state the peer is in. It is set to any combination
// of the peer_flags_t flags.
"flags": 668689,

// The IP endpoint to this peer.
"ip": [ "", 51415 ],

// The time in seconds since we last sent a request to this peer and since
// any transfer occurred with this peer
"last_active": 0,
"last_request": 3,

// The IP and port pair the socket is bound to locally. i.e. the IP address
// of the interface it's going out over. This may be useful for multi-homed
// clients with multiple interfaces to the internet.
"local_endpoint": [ "", 6881 ],

// The progress of the peer in the range [0, 1]
"progress": 1.0,

// Tn estimated round trip time to this peer, in milliseconds. It is
// estimated by timing the TCP ``connect()``. It may be 0 for incoming
// connections.
"rtt": 336,

// A combination of flags describing from which sources this peer was
// received.
"source": 6,

// The total number of bytes downloaded from and uploaded to this peer.
// These numbers do not include the protocol chatter, but only the
// payload data.
"total_download": 395821,
"total_upload": 0