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Lists trackers for a torrent in Porla.


{ "info_hash": [ "abcdef0123456789abcd", null ] }


"trackers": [
// each local listen socket (endpoint) will announce to the tracker. This
// list contains state per endpoint.
"endpoints": [
// set to false to not announce from this endpoint
"enabled": true,

// torrents can be announced using multiple info hashes for different
// protocol versions
// info_hashes[0] is the v1 info hash (SHA1)
// info_hashes[1] is the v2 info hash (truncated SHA-256)
"info_hashes": [
// set to true when we send a event=completed.
"complete_sent": true,

// the number of times in a row we have failed to announce to
// this tracker.
"fails": 0,

// if this tracker failed the last time it was contacted this
// error code specifies what error occurred
"last_error": null,

// if this tracker has returned an error or warning message that
// message is stored here
"message": "",

// no announces before this time
"min_announce": 123,

// the time of next tracker announce
"next_announce": 12354,

// if this tracker has returned scrape data, these fields are
// filled in with valid numbers. Otherwise they are set to -1.
// ``complete`` counts the number of current peers completed the download, or "seeds".
// ``downloaded`` is the cumulative number of completed downloads.
// ``incomplete`` counts the number of current downloaders.
"scrape_complete": 23,
"scrape_downloaded": 98,
"scrape_incomplete": 74,

// set to true when we get a valid response from an announce
// with event=started. If it is set, we won't send start in the
// subsequent announces.
"start_sent": true,

// true while we're waiting for a response from the tracker.
"updating": false

// the local endpoint of the listen interface associated with this endpoint
"local_endpoint": [ "", 9878 ]

// the max number of failures to announce to this tracker in a row,
// before this tracker is not used anymore. 0 means unlimited
"fail_limit": 5,

// a bitmask specifying which sources we got this tracker from.
// ``source_torrent`` = 1, the tracker was part of the .torrent file
// ``source_client`` = 2, the tracker was added programmatically via the add_tracker() function
// ``source_magnet_link`` = 4, the tracker was part of a magnet link
// ``source_tex`` = 8, the tracker was received from the swarm via tracker exchange
"source": 1,

// the tier this tracker belongs to
"tier": 0,

// the current ``&trackerid=`` argument passed to the tracker. this is
// optional and is normally empty (in which case no trackerid is sent).
"trackerid": "",

// tracker URL as it appeared in the torrent file
"url": "",

// set to true the first time we receive a valid response from this tracker.
"verified": false