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Each version of Porla is released as a Docker image based on Alpine Linux.

Getting started

To give Porla a spin, just run the Docker image.

docker run -p 1337:1337

Mounting volumes

By default, Porla stores its data at /var/lib/porla. It is very recommended to mount a volume at this path.

Also, any downloads will have to be stored somewhere, and it is a good idea to mount a volume for downloads as well.

docker run -p 1337:1337 -v /host/path:/dl -v /another/path:/var/lib/porla

Using docker compose

A better way of managing your Porla instance is by utilizing docker compose.

This is an example docker-compose.yaml file. Refer to the config docs to learn how to configure Porla properly.

version: '3'

#user : "1000:1000" # Uncomment this line if you want run Porla with a different PUID:PGID
- "1337:1337"
restart: unless-stopped
- "/host/path:/dl"
- "/another/path:/var/lib/porla"

Run with docker compose up.