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Plugins in Porla are Lua scripts that interact with the various packages that Porla provides. Plugins can add functionality, modify behavior, etc.

Installing plugins

Plugins are installed from the web UI. The plugin management page can be reached by clicking the plugin button in the top right of the UI.


The easiest way to install plugins is via Git. Porla bundles libgit2 and uses it to fetch plugins as well as keep them up to date. To allow Porla to fetch plugins via Git, you need to set the plugins.allow_git key to true in the porla.toml configuration.

allow_git = true


You can also just point to a folder that has a plugin.lua file and Porla will pick it up as well.

Plugin skeleton

Creating plugins is easy. Each plugin should live in its own folder and that folder should have a plugin.lua file.

local log = require "log"

function porla.init() "Init plugin"

function porla.destroy() "Destroying plugin"