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sessions is the main package used for accessing sessions and torrents through the Lua API. It exports two functions, get and list that gets a session by name or lists all sessions, respectively.

Function get(string)

Gets a session by name. If no session is found, it will return nil.

local sessions = require("sessions")
local default = sessions.get("default")

Function list()

Returns an iterator to be able to iterate all sessions.

local sessions = require("sessions")

for session in sessions.list() do



The Session type represents one session in Porla. Its APIs is similar to the libtorrent::session APIs which it wraps.

Function apply_settings(SettingsPack)

Applies a SettingsPack to the session.

local settings = session:settings()
settings.active_limit = 99

Function find_torrent(InfoHash)

Gets a TorrentHandle from a session, or nil of not found.

Function settings()

Returns a SettingsPack object that wraps a libtorrent::settings_pack.

local settings = session:settings()
-- print a setting

Function torrents()

Returns an iterator that can be used to iterate all torrents in a session. Each torrent is a TorrentHandle.

for torrent in session:torrents() do
print("info hash", torrent:info_hash().v1)


A Porla specific object that contains category, tags, etc.

Property category

The category this torrent belongs to. You can get and set this category and it will be persisted across restarts.

local userdata = torrent:userdata()
userdata.category = "movies"

Property session

Gets the name of the session that this torrent belongs to.

Property tags

A list of tags. You can get and set the list of tags and they will be persisted across restarts.

local userdata = torrent:userdata()

-- replacing all tags
userdata.tags = {"foo", "bar"}

-- add a single tag

-- remove a single tag

-- print tags
for _, tag in pairs(userdata.tags) do

if then
print("torrent is tagged with 'foo'")


A TorrentInfo objects represents a torrent file. It closely wraps the libtorrent::torrent_info type.

Function static from_buffer(string data)

Parses a TorrentInfo object from a buffer. The function is static, meaning that it does not take a self parameter and should be called directly on the type.

It returns a tuple with the first item being the parsed TorrentInfo object, and the second being an error. If an error occurs, the TorrentInfo is null.

local buffer ="/path/to/file.torrent"):read("*all")
local ti, err = TorrentInfo.from_buffer(buffer)

if err then

Function static from_file(string path)

Same as from_buffer but takes a file path instead of a buffer.

Function comment()

The comment associated with the torrent. If there's no comment, it will return an empty string.

Function creator()

The creator string in the torrent. If there is no creator string it will return an empty string.

Function info_hash()

The info hash of the torrent.

Function name()

The name of the torrent

Function num_files()

Function num_pieces()

The total number of pieces.

Function priv()

True if this torrent is private. i.e., the client should not advertise itself on the trackerless network (the Kademlia DHT) for this torrent

Function trackers()

Function total_size()

The total number of bytes the torrent-file represents. Note that this is the number of pieces times the piece size (modulo the last piece possibly being smaller). With pad files, the total size will be larger than the sum of all (regular) file sizes.


A TorrentHandle represents a single torrent in a session. It closely wraps the libtorrent::torrent_handle type.

Function clear_error()

If the torrent is in an error state (i.e. torrent_status::error is non-empty), this will clear the error and start the torrent again.

Function clear_peers()

This will disconnect all peers and clear the peer list for this torrent. New peers will have to be acquired before resuming, from trackers, DHT or local service discovery, for example.

Function download_limit()

Returns the current download bandwidth limit.

Function flags()

Returns the flags of this torrent as a table. The key is the name of the flag and the value is a boolean which is true or false depending on if the flag is set or not.

Function flush_cache()

Function force_reannounce()

Function force_recheck()

Function info_hash()

Function is_valid()

Function max_connections()

Function max_uploads()

Function move_storage(string path)

Function pause()

Function peer_info()

Function pause()

Function post_download_queue()

Function post_file_progress()

Function post_peer_info()

Function post_piece_availability()

Function post_status()

Function post_trackers()

Function queue_position()

Function queue_position_bottom()

Function queue_position_down()

Function queue_position_top()

Function queue_position_up()

Function resume()

Function set_download_limit(int limit)

Function set_flags(table flags)

Function set_max_connections(int limit)

Function set_max_uploads(int limit)

Function set_upload_limit(int limit)

Function status()

Returns a TorrentStatus object with all the status information for this torrent.

local status = torrent:status()

Function trackers()

Function torrent_file()

Function upload_limit()

Function userdata()

Returns a TorrentClientData object with Porla specific information like category and tags.

local userdata = torrent:userdata()


Represents the libtorrent::torrent_status type.

Property active_duration

Property all_time_download

Property all_time_upload

Property announcing_to_dht

Property announcing_to_lsd

Property announcing_to_trackers

Property block_size

Property connect_candidates

Property connections_limit

Property current_tracker

Property distributed_copies

Property down_bandwidth_queue

Property download_payload_rate

Property download_rate

Property finished_duration

Property flags

Property info_hash

Property is_finished

Property is_seeding

Property handle

Property has_incoming

True if there has ever been an incoming connection attempt to this torrent.

Property has_metadata

Property list_peers

Property list_seeds

Property moving_storage

Property name

Property need_save_resume

Property num_complete

Property num_connections

Property num_incomplete

Property num_peers

Property num_pieces

Property num_seeds

Property num_uploads

Property progress

The current progress of the torrent.

Property queue_position

Property save_path

Property seed_rank

Property seeding_duration

Property torrent_file

Property total

Property total_done

Property total_download

Property total_failed_bytes

Property total_payload_download

Property total_payload_upload

Property total_redundant_bytes

Property total_upload

Property up_bandwidth_queue

Property upload_payload_rate

Property upload_rate

Property uploads_limit