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PQL (short for Porla Query Language) is a simple query language built into Porla that makes it easy to query torrents.


  • name contains "ubuntu" - all torrents which name contains ubuntu.
  • is:seeding and age > 1w - torrents that are seeding and also added more than a week ago.
  • is:downloading - torrents that are currently downloading.


There are three main types - STRING, FLOAT and INT.


A string is any characters enclosed in ".

  • "I'm a string"


A floating point number consists of two integers separated by a . (dot).

  • -3.14
  • 133.7


A simple integer. Is backed by a 64 bit number (std::int64_t).

  • 1337

Number modifiers

For INT and FLOAT values, there are a few modifiers you can use to make querying easier. For example, when filtering the size (which is the torrent size in bytes) you can suffix the number value with a modifier like so,

size > 1gb

Size suffixes

  • kb
  • mb
  • gb
  • tb
  • pb

Speed suffixes

  • kbps
  • mbps
  • gbps

Duration suffixes

  • s - seconds. Does nothing.
  • m - minutes. Multiplies the value with 60.
  • h - hours. Multiplies the value with 60 × 60.
  • d - days. Multiplies the value with 60 × 60 × 24.
  • w - weeks. Multiplies the value with 60 × 60 × 24 × 7.


You can use is: to check if a torrent has a specific flag or state set. For example, if it is seeding or paused.

  • is:downloading - The torrent is being downloaded.
  • is:finished - The torrent has finished downloading but does not have all entire torrent. Some pieces or files are filtered and aren't downloaded.
  • is:moving - The torrent is being moved.
  • is:paused - The torrent is paused. This can be true if the torrent is queued for seeding or downloading.
  • is:seeding - The torrent has downloaded all the pieces. This can be true even if the torrent is paused.



The time in seconds since the torrent was added.

age > 1w


The category that the torrent belongs to (if any).

category = "some-category"


The current download rate (including protocol traffic).

download_rate > 10mbps


The name of the torrent.

name contains "debian"


The current progress of the torrent as a floating point number between 0 and 1.

progress < 0.1


The current ratio of the torrent (uploaded bytes / downloaded bytes).

ratio > 1


The path on disk where the torrent is stored.

save_path = "/dl"


The total size of the files in the torrent.

size > 1gb


The tags currently attached to this torrent. Querying tags must be done with the contains operator.

tags contains "some-tag"


The current upload rate (including protocol traffic).

upload_rate < 500kbps


These are the comparison operators available.

  • < - less than.
  • <= - less than or equal to.
  • > - greater than.
  • >= - greater than or equal to.
  • = - equal.

There is also contains which works on string values to check if the provided string exists in the value, or on string arrays (such as tags) to check if the provided string is contained in the array.